Raised as one of five boys within the cradle of the U.S. brewing market in St. Louis, Missouri, Co-Owner and Head Brewer Jerry Roth and his band of “Bastard Brothers” grew up crafting home-brewed beers to the delight and enjoyment of family and friends. In 2016, Jerry leveraged his 30 years of passion and experience for creating authentic and innovative craft beers to launch Bastard Brothers Brewing, a High Ridge, Missouri-based craft brewer.

Grab your favorite Bastard Brothers beer from a restaurant or bar in your area, or take home a six-pack from one of our retailing partners.  We are always expanding the locations where you can buy our beers, so be sure to ask your favored barkeep or local retail store to start offering the Bastard Brother’s line of authentically crafted lagers and ales!      


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