Bastard Brothers

Remaining true to a long-standing passion for creating the highest-quality, authentically manufactured malt beverages, Bastard Brothers Brewing opened our High Ridge, Missouri brewery in 2016 to deliver a classic line of all-natural crafted lagers and ales. Designed for the discerning craft beer consumer in search of that elusive “everyday craft beer”, our all-natural bottle-conditioning fermentation process allows our beers to organically carbonate and age during a secondary fermentation cycle, providing for a remarkably clean and smooth tasting beer without the heaviness or bloating often associated with mass-produced malt beverages using industrial CO2-injection processes.

No preservatives. No pasteurization. No artificial ingredients. Just a naturally carbonated, bottle-conditioned craft beer. 

It takes more time and patience, but it wouldn’t be a true “craft beer” if it was effortless!

A traditional unfiltered wheat ale using Glacier bittering hops for creating an herbal flavor base, and overlaid with Tettnanger aroma hops providing for a mildly fruity tone.  The bottle conditioned carbonation further enhances the naturally smooth finish.  (ABV – 4.61)

A classic pale lager utilizing traditional cold fermentation processing with natural bottle conditioning to create a crisp taste profile with a remarkably smooth finish. Our flagship lager balances the spiciness of Glacier bittering hops against a Cascade aroma hop, underlaid by a fair Pilsen malt to produce an exceptionally fresh and clean flavor profile. (ABV – 4.13)

A traditionally cold-fermented, bottle-conditioned amber lager using a balanced blend of Crystal bittering and Cascade aroma hops, offering a complex and distinctive flavor profile mingling earthy taste tones with a hint of floral and fruity notes.  (ABV – 4.86)

A traditional unfiltered orange wheat ale using all-natural concentrated orange extracts to counterbalance the spiciness of Glacier bittering hops, creating an herbal flavor base with a balmy citrus tone.  The bottle conditioned carbonation enhances a naturally smooth finish. (ABV – 4.61)

A classic pale light lager combining the spiciness of Northwestern Willamet hops with a fair Pilsen malt.  Utilizing traditional cold fermentation processing with all-natural bottle conditioning produces a clean, drinkable, and full-flavored lager with an exceptionally smooth finish at only 114calories per 12-ounce serving. (ABV – 4.2)


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